Today is the 5th day of the year and the 666th since the WHO officially declared Covid-19 a pandemicfn. With Dr Anthony Fauci [24/12/40] in Washington DC, warning the government “it's going to get far worse.

Ahh, the first lockdown days, when you didn't have to wear a mask.

David Lynch D-Mass and Dr Anthony Fauci greeting each other March 11, 2020: Getty Images
David Lynch (D) and Dr Fauci greet each other on Pandemic Day, 11th March 2020: Getty

AT&T and Verizon had agreed to postpone their planned rollout of C-Band 5G infrastructure near airports to 5th Jan (day 666). And in the meantime, use French style restrictions on 5G in the US.

Span of 666 days: Time and Date
Span of 666 days: Time and Date

References to 666 are everywhere these days. 6uild 6ack 6etter being the most obvious. Maybe its why many aren't making much fuss of it?

Using English Sumerian cipher, the most basic English Ordinal cipher value multiplied by 6, can you guess what 'Computer', 'Mandatory' and 'Vaccination' all equal to?

Computer = 666
Mandatory = 666
Vaccination = 666

And using the Reverse English Sumerian cipher gives;

Internet = 666

5G Roll Out Around US Airports Halted

In December 2020, the FAA issued an urgent warning that it planned to ban pilots from using a key aircraft instrument amid concerns that 5G signals could interfere with the devices — a decision the agency said would likely lead to more widespread flight delays. I would think they would add 'potentially more fatal than just delays'.

Pilot Cody Flint was a participant of Senator Ron Johnson's Roundtable discussion on mandatory COVID-19 vaccines held in Washington DC on November 2, 2021.

Pilots such as Cody Flint are speaking out on their health since a "mandatory procedure" nobody is allowed to talk was introduced. Flint has been diagnosed with perilymphatic fistula, Eustachian tube dysfunction and elevated intracranial pressure following his Pfizer vaccination.

He experienced side effects from the shot while flying and "by the Grace of God" was able to get the plane back down on the ground before blacking out.

In a recent statement AT&T, a parent company of WarnerMedia said:

“At Secretary Buttigieg's request, we have voluntarily agreed to one additional two-week delay of our deployment of C-Band 5G services.”
Pete Buttigieg's birth date is 19th Jan 1982. He is also the 19th US Secretary of Transportation.

So now both AT&T and Verizon will hold off from activating 5G services near airports until January 19th – or put another way 1/19. Which mirrors 911. Which makes me feel slightly nervous.

However, inside the 3/4 sized model Whitehouse today, President Biden is feeling far more optimistic, broadcasting a message of hope.

Gematria Numbers

C-Band = 111
This will get far worse = 111
WarnerMedia = 111

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