A ‘dose’ of information from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). It's latest infection survey has found that those double vaccinated are now 2.26 times more likely to test positive for this winter's edition of Covid-19 – Omicron.

Covid-19 Infection Survey 29th Nov – 12th Dec 2021: Office for National Statistics (ONS)
Covid-19 Infection Survey 29th Nov to 12th Dec 2021: Office for National Statistics

And those eager beavers triple jabbed, have increased their chances of testing positive 4.45 times. Download the ONS Omicron Infection Survey document here:

It’s a sample size of about 1,760 cases with data from private households and not from hospitals. An interesting feature that I wish more people were using as it removes a lot of the trace exposures, non-clinical cases by using a Ct score of less than 40.

Dr. Fauci was recorded on video stating that Ct>35 are useless earlier this year. (Lucky that video was saved hey?) If TPTB wanted a modicum of accuracy it would have set Ct<24.

At the bottom of the final page, the cell titled Vaccination Status reads:

Those who have received three doses of a vaccine and test positive for COVID-19 are more likely to be infected with infections compatible with the Omicron variant compared with those who are unvaccinated...

You won't hear that on BBC News.

For the 23 million, (not 5 million) in the UK who haven't taken the vaccine after listening to Dominic Raab, now Deputy Prime Minister, state on Sky News UK in 2020 that PCR tests give around a 93% false positive will feel relieved and vindicated. They're also significantly less at risk from that strange bout of myocarditis currently going around.

What is Current NHS Bed Capacity?

NHS England hospital bed capacity ranges depending on the time of the year. Normally between 80k–100k. Currently, Covid patients occupy 6% of total capacity.

NHS England Weekly Admissions and Beds Report: Covid-19 Hospital Activity
NHS England Weekly Admissions and Beds Report: Covid-19 Hospital Activity

However, the chart below from The Kings Fundfn shows that from 1987 the total number of hospital beds has decreased from around 300k to under 150k. Around 73,000 of those lost had been for mental patients and those with learning disabilities.

Successive governments have for the last 30 years promised to save The National Health Service (NHS) while manufacturing conditions for permanent annual winter flu ‘disasters’. Great for stakeholders and pharmaceutical companies though.

A Winter's Tale 2012 to 2019: The Guardian
A Winter's Tale (2012 to 2019): The Guardian

Here are just some of the times NWO players have cried “14 days to save the NHS”. War criminal Tony Blair was first off the starting block in 1997 – just as he was covertly cutting NHS bed capacity.

The people shouting “14 DAYS TO SAVE THE NHS” are the same shouting “10 YEARS TO SAVE THE PLANET” and this how the climate/covid scammers merge both hoaxes into one giant dystopian deception. This is nothing new.

These scammers know historically, the Christmas and New Year period records the UK's highest death rate so they time their actions in accordance with this known statistic.

Last year the Johnson regime brought in lockdown just before this period so that when the death rate dropped off, as they always do, from mid-January, so they could claim success. Looks like they are going to do the same this year, or at the very least use this historically high death rate period to justify their actions.

What is the Likelihood of Dose Number 4 for Omicron?

With the 3rd boosters currently being administered it would appear too early to roll out a 4th just yet. A rollout of the 4th dose during March 2022, 3 months from now is more feasible –when both seasonal influenza and coronaviruses start to tail off.

Seasonal variations in frequency of upper respiratory infections. Source: Medscape
Seasonal variations in frequency of upper respiratory infections: Medscape

When 4 becomes 6

A note that BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin, recommends a further 3 doses (4,5 and 6) should be taken for Omicron.

Şahin along with many pharmaceutical employees are exempt and legally protected to not take the Covid-19 vaccines.

Ideas for this Christmas:

•  D-Dimer Blood Clot Testing Kits for friends & family
• 90 ng/ml of Vitamin D
• 22 mg/ per pound of Vitamin C
• Turn the TV off.
• Daily outdoor walks, without electronic devices.

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