Politicians always start a small war, or talk of one, when trying to escape from bad domestic news cycles. The clown Johnson’s absurd trip to Ukraine was pathetically obvious in its intent. Thatcher invaded the Falklands. Bush and Clinton both had arranged politically convenient military manoeuvres.

The purpose of Johnson’s trip was to try to distract attention the fact that the whole of Britain knows that even by the standards of politicians he is a pretty low individual. A decent leader would have resigned in shame by now.

Leaders are deliberately chosen – then rinsed

The men in expensive grey suits who make the decisions, know that in the long term the pointless trip to the Ukraine won’t work - but will suffice for now.

Nothing will cover up Johnson’s appalling behaviour, arrogance and contempt for the voters and those who followed lockdown protocols and missed funerals.

The aim is to keep Johnson in Number 10 for a little longer – so that the really bad news (like today's gas and utility bill average rise of £693, green subsidies for producers and the 0.5% interest rate rise) can be out in the open before the next election. Watch out for Net Zero policies, inflation and a strange case of myocarditis going around at football matches throughout the summer.

Fulham, Oldham, Wycombe and Bradford all saw their home matches halted due to medical incidents in the crowd on last Saturday afternoon. Championship leaders Fulham had their game against Blackpool stopped after 16 minutes.

Awkwardly for the BBC, the FA Cup match between Premiership side Everton and Borehamwood was broadcast live. Yet another global warming induced heart attack (during a cold rainy evening)?

If the Tories change leaders they will be damaged goods by the time the voters go to the polls again. Better to use Johnson as a dirt magnet, replace him with someone clean and fresh to charm the electorate with false promises so that the Tories can beat off the feeble competition from Labour – possibly the most pointless opposition party in UK history.

But is their insert – Rishi Sunak ready? In the long term, the men in expensive suits who run all governments – don’t want popular governments. Observe what is happening around us. Prime Ministers and Presidents everywhere are hated.

It’s pretty well impossible to think of a political leader anywhere who would win a local popularity contest. That is the plan.

These billionaire families controlling our present and future are deliberately doing everything they can to ensure political leaders everywhere are hated. The aim is to ensure that national politicians everywhere are loathed.

And then Joe Public will jump at the chance of a World Government run by a fresh, friendly face – bringing promises of peace and prosperity, rather than to pursue self-sovereignty.

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