After a rather unfortunate incident involving a St James's Park squirrel during a routine fly pass over the Palace. Raven Marriott was taken off Tower duties and given an "honorary discharge".

He now provides aerial intelligence from his fortified position at the Marriot Hotel County Hall by Westminster Bridge and The London Eye. Foot flow on Victoria Embankment, river boat crossings along the Thames and views across Westminster Bridge are all under his surveillance.

Since eating the squirrel, his record has been exemplary. Serving with distinction in the Wedding Proposal in the Sky.

David & Nicole star in 'The Proposal in the Sky' © Rajesh Taylor
David & Nicole star in 'The Proposal in the Sky' © Rajesh Taylor

And the Wedding Proposal by Victoria Embankment.

Amrit & Annessa in 'The Proposal along Victoria Embankment' © Rajesh Taylor

The Old County Hall building, re-opened as a swanky hotel in 1998, by sheer coincidence, shares his name.

David + Nicole (London Eye Wedding Proposal) - Rajesh Taylor | London Family Photographer
David’s stunning wedding proposal to Nicole overlooking The Palace of Westminster.

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