Now listen up 007.

We've already given the Americans enough problems with former British Intelligence Officer Steeles' fake Russian dossier.

I need someone I can trust. Look into this report containing six code cracking missions linked to Her Majesty's Royal Mail Stamp Collection.

Each mission is highly classified and linked to one of the special stamps. Use the code-breaking gadget issued by Q Branch to reveal the secrets and unlock secret intelligence for discounts.

A pull-out poster features all six special stamps and the miniature sheets depicting ingenious gadgets and iconic machines – including a certain Aston Martin DB5. Should keep you occupied...

Ask the wife Liaise with Ms. Moneypenny, who will release £29.99 from Her Majesty's Treasury. The link is below.

Good luck 007.

Royal Mail James Bond Secret Dossier
Two British icons come together. Welcome to the Royal Mail’s special James Bond celebration collection: an action-packed range of officially licensed Special Stamps and limited edition memorabilia. The James Bond Secret Dossier contains six missions linked to the Special Stamps. Complete your assign…

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