Captain Latane Campbell is a Commercial Pilot for a major US airline. In this video, he talked to Steve Kirsch, (and runs a very active Substack) sharing his perspective on the vaccine, mandates, masking and how this is going to end.

Key Points

  1. He knows about 100 pilots, of those – 80% are not going to take the booster. And will quit if they are forced to take it.
  2. Virtually all of the pilots know that masks are completely useless.
  3. The pilots all take off their masks as soon as they close the cockpit door. Wearing masks makes flying dangerous. They need to maximise their oxygen as they need to talk to each other and to ground control.
  4. If 20% of the pilots walk off the job, it’s the end of the commercial airline industry.
  5. The airlines tried to strong arm the pilots into taking the vaccines. The pilots resisted and the airlines immediately recanted allowing religious and medical exemptions.
  6. The more you vaccinate, the sicker people get. Most pilots have figured this out.
  7. There will be tribunals once this is all over.

“Scepticism is the highest of duties; blind faith the unpardonable sin.” Thomas Huxley

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