Winter Edition

A quintessential day through the district of Marylebone for true Beatles fans. There will be over 10 locations as part of the walking tour. Abbey Road Studios, the famous zebra crossing, homes at which they resided and locations from A Hard Day's Night.

We'll make a special visit to a private property not available on any other tour. A 3 course set lunch for two at Harry's Restaurant awaits at 1pm.

  • An option of morning portraits at various Beatles locations.

  • Extend your Beatles experience from 2pm with a curated shopping tour in Marylebone.

  • An option to further extend your experience with cocktails for two at Scott's of Mayfair and a romantic evening sampling Indian cuisine at Jamavar.

Tour Commences


The day starts at St John's Tube Station and head to our first stop. Home to none other than Sir Paul McCartney.

7 Cavendish Avenue, Marylebone London © Rajesh Taylor
Cavendish Avenue, Marylebone London © Rajesh Taylor

As McCartney would have taken, we take the short stroll to Abbey Road Studios and that world famous crossing.

Abbey Road Zebra Crossing, Marylebone © Rajesh Taylor
Abbey Road Zebra Crossing, Marylebone © Rajesh Taylor

How busy is the Beatles Abbey Road crossing?

The collapse of the international travel has brought a dramatic fall in footflow. The above photo was taken in early August during the peak holiday season.

Pre COVID-19, the crossing would be packed with groups of tourists, loosely waiting in line. Many would line up again as to retry their photos. What is not commonly known is that a stepladder was used to take the famous photograph. Whilst a policeman stopped oncoming traffic.

This explains the elevated angle. Note the zig-zag lines introduced down the centre and kerb side. The Volkswagon Beatle would now contravene the highway code. The road tarmac was recently as 2018.

The Studio's front wall, is frequently love bombed with messages scribbled in homage to the Beatles. And is re-painted regularly every few months. Having portraits taken will be a far better keepsake if I do say so myself.

Under the left tree in Abbey Road Studios car park is an EarthCam. Their website gives the opportunity to play back your visit, from a raven's eye view.

To the right of the building is a souvenir shop stock special edition vinyls from artists who have used the recording studios through the decades. Amy Whitehouse, Elton John and The Rolling Stones to name a few.

We then take a black taxi carriage to Marylebone Train Station. Beatles fans will no doubt recognise and understand the importance of this location.

The wall where the old telephone booths where George, Paul and Ringo used to hide in incognito from their adoring fans remains inside the station.

You'll have a chance to recreate the run chase on Boston Place. Although you may want to pass on the fall...

We head to more blue plaque locations on Montagu Square and Baker Street. (A blue plaque is a permanent sign which commemorates a link between the location and a famous person, serving as a historical marker.)

We turn eastwards and visit The Asher's old family home on Wimpole Street. Sir Paul McCartney, dating Jane Asher at the time and was good friends with brother Peter.

Paul would lend invaluable PR when Barry Miles, Peter Asher and John Dunbar (MAD) opened the now infamous Incubas Bookshop and Gallery. This is officially where John Lennon first met Yoko Ono...

Where John Lennon & Yoko Ono First Met
One of the many famous locations hidden in St James’s and Westminster, London. Book your tour and photography experience.

Lunch at Harry's Bar


After the multi-stop tour, you will be personally chaperoned to Harry's for a 3-course set lunch for two. Reservations along with a dining value of £60 per person is included.

Curated Shopping


Both Baker Street and Marylebone High Street lend themselves to a wonderful afternoon of shopping. Many ladies will have come across Suzie Turner Couture designs on the red carpet. A pre-booked appointment can be made with advance notice.

Gentleman, I'd point to the timeless designs from Luca Faloni, their turtleneck sweaters were designed to match those worn by The Beatles. The boutiques' interior is laden with large fine art prints of the foursome. Along with many film matinee idols from Hollywood's golden generation.

Daunt Bookshop, the first custom built book shop in the world, specialising in travel will be one of many stops for inspired gift choices for family and friends.

For American visitors, home interior ideas by Farrow & Ball for the ladies and KJ West One - Connoisseurs of sound for gentlemen who appreciate high end audio reproduction and vinyl playback are a short walk away.

A prepared list to your tastes and gifting needs will be made in advance. Email me personally before booking.

If gentlemen would like a full day of personal assistance establishing their wardrobe. Made to measure consultations with the following can be made during a day in St James's:

• The Tailoring houses of Saville Row
• Bespoke shirtmakers Turnbull & Asser
• Shoemakers Fosters & Son's, George Cleverley and John Lobb

Lunch and afternoon cocktails are included.

Evening of Fine Dining

Those wishing to honour the Beatles time in northern India at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In February 1968, the Beatles travelled to Rishikesh to take part in a Transcendental Meditation training course. The visit followed the group's denunciation of drugs.

The preying mantras however were not match for praying mantis Yoko Ono and her powers of seduction. Lennon would invite Yoko Ono back home shortly after returning to London. With wife Cynthia walking in the marital bed the next morning.


A tasting menu for two at the upscale Jamavar Indian restaurant on Mount Street, Mayfair.

Jamavar's caters for both meat eaters and vegetarians. Your set tasting menu for two has a variety of choices and four Cobra Indian lagers are included. Perfect for those new to Indian cuisine.

8 Mount St,
London W1K 3NF


Michelin star rated Gymkhana is part of the. The kitchen is run by Chef. This is top end fine dining at its best. Great food, decor and service. The wine list

42 Albemarle Street,
London W1S 4JH

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